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Tuesday Week 18 Year I

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Who needs a police state when you’ve got Miriam’s God eavesdropping on your grumbling, ready with a punishment swift and terrible? Not exactly good news as we begin a retreat. Get too close to God, it suggests, and be afraid.
Jesus reverses that equation. Out in the sea the disciples are panicking but Jesus comes close to calm them. Peter undone by his own boldness is sinking under the weight of fear but Jesus puts out his hand and holds him. Holds him, speaks gently to him, and walks the waves back to the boat.
And, in utter contrast to the first reading, those who are sick and hurting, reach and touch and find their healing in Jesus.
Come close enough to touch. Come close enough to be held. There’s the invitation for retreat. Come close to God, feel God’s hand open for you, let God hold you. And something good will happen. Something very good.

August 2nd, 2005

Nunc Dimittis

There’s a lot of lousy theology out and about on the web, especially from christian and catholic sites. Usually when I’m roaming the net I get more and more dismayed by what people say they believe and even more by how they express themselves. So it is a great delight to come across a blog, Waiter Rant, that treats life, spirituality, and even God with a perceptive gentleness.
The piece that first caught my eye, Nunc Dimittis, deals movingly with the author’s leaving seminary some years ago.

August 2nd, 2005


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