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Moving Your Blog: A WordPress Plugin to Permanently Redirect Your Posts

If you ever have cause to move a WordPress blog from one domain to another you will want visitors to any pages on the old site to be silently redirected to the corresponding page on the new site. This goes particularly for Googlebot and other search engine spiders: you want them to be able to find your new site and update their databases so you don’t lose your ranking.

Moving Your Blog is a simple WordPress plugin that redirects all your posts and pages (status 301, permanently moved). The Admin pages are exempt so you can still administer the old blog.


  1. First setup your new blog in its new domain so that every post and page in the old site has its copy in the new site.
  2. Download the latest version of Moving Your Blog.
  3. Unzip and copy moving.php to the wp-content/plugins folder of your old blog.
  4. Activate the plugin from the Admin Plugins page.
  5. Visit the Admin Options|Moving page and enter the address of your new blog. When you update the address the plugin becomes active and starts to redirect your posts and pages.
  6. To turn off redirection delete the address of your new blog.
  7. If you need to uninstall the plugin it can be deactivated from the Admin Plugins page and/or deleted from your wp-content/plugins folder.


This is version 1.0 of Moving Your Blog. It is my first WordPress plugin.

Given the nature of this plugin it is hard to test so, for now, consider it beta software. If you try it let me know how it goes. The usual disclaimers apply.

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A Few Blips

Well the plugin I put together to handle redirection from the old site to the new was working great until I thought “let’s tidy it up and make it presentable”. So I had to spend a couiple of hours messing everything up. I hope normal service has now been resumed! If it has I’ll post the WordPress plugin tomorrow.

September 23rd, 2006


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