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Creation and Redemption

A number of writers have been posting about atonement recently and Crystal challenged me to post something on the topic. It made me think of a paper I wrote a good few years ago on the relationship between creation and redemption–in particular exploring some of the implications of a theological aesthetics. Along the way it winds back and forth among some of the issues of a theology of atonement–perhaps denying such a thing is possible. For any who are interested here it is as a pdf file. Beware though if you are in a Holy Week mood as it focuses on Easter.

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Happy Holy Week

I am back in blogland after helping out with our training courses for a month. I always enjoy the thinking and teaching involved though, this year more than the last, it took it out of me and left me with a growing set of CFS symptoms. Most of them are letting up a bit as I recover and I’m on some new meds so we’ll see how it goes.

Among other things I presented a paper to the Loyola Seminar on the cosmology of Ignatian discernment and I might try some of it out here.

Meanwhile the house is filling up with ‘young adults’ who have come to prepare the liturgies of Holy Week together. I intend to lie low…

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