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WordPress 2.5 and Automatic Plugin Updates

Update: Check out this post for some extra instructions.

Well (more…)

2 comments March 23rd, 2008

WordPress Plugins Updated: Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, and Recent Comments

Finally! I have posted the updated (2.5) versions of my post plugins and they are full of enhancements and even the odd fix… Check them out from the plugins page but please take note:

  • They are still beta releases and, given the number of modifications I have made, I am sure I will have a few issues to correct. If you have any problems try reporting them through the (more…)

32 comments March 17th, 2008

Due an Update to WordPress Post Plugins

Version 2.3.7 of the post plugins should be out soon. I’ve been making a bunch of little changes to provide some asked for features. The delay has been in the next version of Similar Posts which has undergone some major revisions including stemming and global word weighting. It also lets you configure the balance of content, title how to get viagra illegaly and tags (new) to get the most relevant posts for your particular blog. That’s meant some major architectural changes which I am trying to test before releasing. Also, since tag-based relevance is now included I’ve scrapped the ability to add keywords to a custom field. I have actually never heard of anyone using the feature but I’m bracing myself for a host of users rising up in revolt!

Any feature requests for upcoming versions?

3 comments December 13th, 2007

Post Plugins and More on Tags

Version 2.3.5 of the plugins is a rebuild to avoid all the admin page code being loaded when not needed. It also allows posts to be matched according to the current post’s tags.



Add comment November 3rd, 2007

WordPress Post Plugins Now Widgets

I have long intended to make my post plugins into widgets but have only just got to it. In fact it turned generic name for flagyl out to be an easy process.

Version 2.3.4 of the plugins also adds the option to exclude or include the current post from the output.

Add comment October 25th, 2007

WordPress Plugin: Highlight Author Comments

Just posted a rather simple plugin to highlight the comments Order cialis no rx made by the author of a post among all the other comments.

I’ve seen lots of ways of doing the job but they all seem to involve hacking the code of your template or of WordPress files. The new plugin does the job automatically — all you have to do is provide a snippet of CSS to apply to the special comments.

4 comments October 20th, 2007

WordPress, Tagging, and the Post Plugins

Version 2.3.3 beta of my post plugins adds support for WordPress 2.3′s built-in tagging.

You can find recent posts with a particular tag, similar posts that have any of a bunch of tags, random posts sharing all specified tags, or whatever permutation you like.


1 comment October 14th, 2007

Fix Some Things, Break Some Things

In updating my post plugins to work with WordPress 2.3 I managed to break various things too. Versions 2.3.2, just posted, fix a bad interaction between tags and categories and correct issues with excluded categories.

I might be able to extend the plugins to do viagra canada prescription something useful with tags now that I understand them a little better.

2 comments October 9th, 2007

New Versions of WordPress Post Plugins

Version 2.0.0 beta of Similar Posts, Random Posts, Recent Posts, and Recent Comments have just been released. They each have their own page now; they have been tested to work with the upcoming WordPress 2.1 release; and each plugin has its own independent admin options page.

Some functionality has been re-jigged, a lot of new stuff added, and the output is now much more configurable. Check the help page for the full details.

1 comment January 13th, 2007

Feeds Fixed

I noticed about an hour ago that this site’s feeds were not working and hadn’t been working since around December 20th. After checking the source and then deactivating all my plugins one by one I found the culprit and zapped the error.

So… feeds should be working again … and I learned a little more about how WordPress works in the process.

Add comment January 12th, 2007

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