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Saturday Week 28 Year II

‘May God enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see how infinitely great is the power that he has exercised for us.’
There are angels in both readings today. They are being used in each to underline a point, to make clear the gravity of a situation, to guarantee a truth: in the gospel to give weight to the declaration or disavowal of mortals. What we speak before each other the Son speaks before God’s angels. They stand as binding witnesses. What they see they do.
And in Paul, how great is that power exercised for us? It is the same power which raised Jesus from the dead, the same power that set him above angels—above sovereignties and authorities, above powers and dominations. That’s how big Jesus has become and therein lies the hope his call holds for us.
Sadly, angels don’t impress us much these days—however popular they’ve become. Jesus is more powerful than angels—big deal! The kinship Jesus claims for us is witnessed before God’s very angels—yawn!
What would impress us? What would weigh profoundly enough?
This is where I need to get cosmic. Think of the weight of a thousand stars. Think of the suns light, the ocean’s volume, the eagle’s flight. Think of how many beetles there are or grains of dust. Think of a black holes pull, of an atom’s hidden core, of tangled strand of flu virus. Think of a green leaf’s pumping heart. Think of a baby’s toes or the law that brings age upon us all. Think of all creation in its richness and strangeness, its power and vastness and wonder. Think of all that has been and is yet to be.
Then think: all that stands in witness as Jesus speaks your name in love.

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