December 19th

My brother Phil and his wife Jen discovered a couple of weeks ago that she was pregnant and a second child was on the way, a brother or a sister to my beautiful little niece Becky. Great Advent news! Five days later that little life was lost when Jenny miscarried in the night.
What can you make of that? … of that waste? … of that empty finality?
I’m not sure… but this … maybe…
Every act of love is a risk. Every conception is a miracle—a dangerous, dicey, risky miracle. What possesses anyone to take such a risk?! Only love I guess. Love and the hope of life.
And this, too, is how God chooses to enter our world: just a cell or two in a fragile womb. How can God be so bold? How can God be so terrifyingly vulnerable? Only love I guess and the hope of life.