Friday Week 2 Year II

Why this bunch of stragglers? Why! I wonder? You’d think the Son of Man could have his pick … skim the cream of the crop … select only the best and brightest. So why these slow-witted, cowardly, divided, wrangling rag-bag?
Maybe these were all the choice he had? Maybe the good ones had already gone to Jerusalem to be scribes. Maybe the good ones have more sense than to up sticks and follow in a rabble-rouser’s doubtful footsteps. Maybe the good ones are all at home raising families and rows of beans.
So maybe these are all he has to choose from. Maybe it was only a little hill he went up when he did his choosing and appointing.
Mark leaves most of the details vague, apart from getting in his digs at Iscariot and the Thunder-Twins, but there is one thing he’s very clear about. ‘Jesus went up into the hills and he summoned those he wanted.’ He summoned those he wanted.
These are the ones Jesus wanted. Not just the ones he chose but the ones he wanted. Maybe I’m putting too much weight on a little word but I hear in it more than logic and performance and good sense. Here is human desire and human warmth. Jesus chose the ones he wanted, the ones he wanted to share his bread with and share his time, the one he wanted to share his preaching and his work. He wanted these twelve beyond calculation and commonsense. He wants you and me likewise.