Nova has a great page of essays and articles to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s amazing year of discovery.
The page of podcasts got me thinking. Here are ten top physicists given the brief to describe Einstein’s equation to curious non-physicists–and in under a minute or so! The results are fascinating.
What I’ve been wondering is how 10 theologians would get along describing, say, the Resurrection to curious non-theologians in under a minute? (I could have been nasty and made it the Trinity)
I’ve been trying a more modest version in-house with the team here. Maybe it is a challenge you’d like to rise to: describe the impact of the Resurrection in your life and work in under a minute.
There’s a really challenging variant that I am only beginning to ask myself: to describe the impact of Einstein’s equation on my theology, my faith, my work. That would be theology worth the doing.

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  1. This ir really strange!

    I came up with the idea of the Trinity E = mc2 where E= Energy (God) m= mass (Jesus Christ) and c = Speed of Light (Holy Ghost)
    back in the early 1970’s. I told many people about the theory, including Dan Murray, an off-broadway playwriter at the time, who said it was a great idea, and kiddingly that he might steal it.

    I’ve written three poems about it and there was a large. discussion about it on Sonnet Central a few years ago, after I introduced my sonnet “Chameleon Sun.,” and the discussion was in-depth about “The Trinity and E=mc2. Someone even wrote that if, as I stated, the speed of light were the Holy Ghost, then how could he square himself?

    I also hold a copywrite dated June 17, 1996 on a Trilogy, one of which is “The Trinity.

    This theory was submitted in a letter I wrote to Nova years ago, after viewing one of their scientific shows.

    How I came up with this idea initially in the early 70’s is I am a retired Chemist and I was trying to make a relationship with Science and Creation. God came to me in a dream and gave me this equation and the relationship then was crystal clear to me.

    I then was able to reason, and I started writing a book about it, that in the beginning God existed as Energy. In order to create mass (Adam or Eve) he had to have light. The first thing he did during the creation was to state “Let there be light.”

    At any rate, that was the beginning for me. After the Shroud of Turin, I also realized that to make the image on the shroud,
    His body had to have given off an enormous amount of light.

    And, according to Einstein’s theory to get back to energy from mass you need light, as well. So, while Jesus’ body gave off light and imprinted the image on the shroud, he also satisfied the Einsteinean theory of getting back to the Energy form from mass.


    Tamara Beryl Latham

  2. J.M.J. + O.B.T.

    Fr. Bob (I presume) and Tamara (who commented on this 2005 article on the Ides of March 2007):

    I hope you both continue pursuing this very important work. I too have been engaged in it for some time (2004) for I have been trying to radiate and relate E=mc2 and Catholic Truth on the internet.

    I am more than willing to give you my research source material for any work of the Holy Spirit that attempts to achieve a broadcasting of a Catholic perspective on this matter, for even if it starts discussion, it will have great value.

    I remain wide open to criticism, for if this is not a work of God I must cast off this yoke.
    Yet, even criticism is hard to come by, so I continue.

    I have yet to find anyone who is willing to go the distance in collaboration with me. There seems to be a great inertia that keeps people at bay—it may have to do with the profundity of the idea—for if it is TRUE—it connects Creation-(Big Bang?) through the Incarnation and Life of Jesus, to the Easter Triduum (Last Supper-Calvary-Resurrection) with the MASS and is not unlike an Ace of Spades in cards for it would trump all argument.

    The Eastern Orthodox have the mysterious/miraculous flaming LIGHT each year at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, but even this that fails to raise eyebrows.

    Today’s SPIRIT DAILY headline….http://www.spiritdaily.org


    People get close…but I have yet to convince Michael Brown or others, to include Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, and EWTN to run a series of articles to expose the three-fold work of the Most Holy Trinity and to do it through His Divine Action, His Light, Life and Love that come to us each MASS in the Holy Eucharist and serve to combat the darkness, death and hate of this world. The funny thing about Fr. Groeschel—who lived in my hometown of Caldwell, NJ and whom I have never met—is that he invariably evokes “his old friend” Albert Einstein and relates his fascination and love of the mysterious on his Sunday Night with Father Groeschel program on EWTN…go figure.

    I hope my meager efforts evoke some questions or at least some candid remarks:

    THE PAPER (not professional)

    THE SLIDES (not complete)

    THE BLOG (not updated)

    You might begin by reading the paper that I wrote in December of 2004. I had to get it out before my self imposed year-end deadline for it was a New Year’s resolution that I write a book entitled “REFLECTING POOL.” Well that never happened, but the research findings really opened my eyes.

    I am sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,

    Mike Rizzio, SOLT

  3. Just a though, the c2 could be that once God called out the Holy Spirit/light, that multiplied Himself x Himself (as Holy Spirit/light). Bringing about all of creation in what we call creation or Big Bang which could interchangebly one in the same. This process could have taken billions of years in retrospect or in an instant from God’s perspective.

  4. ummmmm…is’nt Christ ‘the’ holy ghost? God= Jesus* the holy ghost ^squared^. what is that about?

  5. These kinds of speculation always raise for me the interesting issue of method, i.e., what grounds them, or upsets them, what would count as good reasons to pursue any one of them, how can we judge their relative adequacy? Bluntly–too bluntly–how could you know if they are ‘true’.

    I find it interesting because this kind of domain is neither science–with its appeal to experiment–nor is it theology in the academic sense–with its own proper rigour. I call this domain ‘theological cosmology’. Is it a subject where ‘anything goes’ or does it have methods for adjudicating its claims?

  6. J.M.J. + O.B.T.


    You wrote: “I call this domain ‘theological cosmology’. Is it a subject where ‘anything goes’ or does it have methods for adjudicating its claims?”

    That is a great question. And I have been hoping others would begin to do the deep research needed to understand the HOLY EUCHARIST, because when it is raised up, front and center as the SOURCE AND SUMMIT of all that IS, things start to fall into place. The mystery is still all there, and maybe it is even deepened once people begin to relate EVERYTHING to the BEING OF JESUS CHRIST really present with us in the tabernacle. When you activate this beam of Divine Light, everything might be properly ordered to the Creator and Savior and Consoler, the Most Holy Trinity. Everything seems alive with His imprint. Even the dark bears witness to His absense.

    The only way to adjuducate the claims is to accept as TRUE the one True Church established by the Way, Truth and the Life—the Roman Catholic Church and then to relate any claim back to this ABSOLUTE TRUTH of Jesus Christ. If ABSOLUTE TRUTH and relative truth are able to exist side-by-side and in a mysterious way explain the fact that creatiion is a fact that was/is/willbe manifest through, with, in and for Jesus Christ I for one see no divergence into “anything goes.”

    In an nutshell if the discussion is thoroughly CHRISTOCENTRIC and I don’t mean some esoteric, gnostic or Cosmic “Christ force” and if the Church is the final arbitor, there every reason to pursue unitiive truth.

    Take the unknown of gravity…we know Jesus Christ revealed his dominion over this force both when He walked on water and when he Ascended. Now we know that science is still clueless as to the nature of gravity. Physicists know that it exists and know that it has a specific and measurable influence, but just WHAT it is is still a mystery.

    Do you think that this is one secret that God refuses to divulge? And why?… I think human “flights of fancy” has something to do with it. God desires faith on earth, not humans on cloud nine.

    We know that the Church teaches us the Jesus is “Light from Light” and we know that “all good things come from the Father of Lights.”

    We know that the Spirit that unites the Father and the Son and is the Love they share and the Lord and giver of Life

    Furthermore we know that during Holy Mass, Consecration happens two times and that each is a movement of SPIRITUAL LIGHT that results in actual Supernatural LIFE, the HOLY EUCHARIST becoming present.

    El, Energeia, Eucharist, Easter, Emmanuel, Epiphany…each of these LIGHT realities is a revelaion of GOD with us.


    Might there be a deeper look into Einstein’s Life?

    There were so many Catholic influences…there is still an untold story.

    Thanks Rob!


    Mike Rizzio

  7. Dear Mike,

    Hope you are well, and hope you continue with your important work. I believe Einstein may have believed in God, but not Jesus Christ, so even though he came up with the light formula, he didn’t relate it to Jesus.

    Much has been deleted from the canonical gospels. In an attempt to get a better understanding, one must also look into the gnostic gospels. The Nag Hammadi Library has a nice collection. I found the Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of Judas extremely helpful.

    With respect to my comments, I further believe there is a relationship to light and lux (the intensity of light) with respect to Jesus Christ. If you take a look at the gnostic gospels, specifically “The Pistis Sophia,” you will see that in the discourses between Jesus and his disciples, He, Jesus, appears at different levels (aeons) as brighter and brighter light, depending on the level. So, the formula c = lambda x frequency may also be involved, and there may be a further relationship to Einstein’s theory and lux (light intensity). The Physicist’s have not found the link yet. I’ve asked a few of them.

    I notice I spelled copyright incorrectly in my first response, but the copyright number is Pau 2-098-293 “The Trinity,” dated June 17, 1996

    An updated copyright has my new poem in sonnet form
    which is included here.

    The Trinity

    The ball of light that sweeps the sky may be
    transformed to energy, for they are one.
    We cannot look upon it, maybe He
    said, ‘do not look directly at the Sun’.

    And so He came as mass, and briefly stayed
    among us, advocating truth and love.
    Then He was resurrected; on that day,
    transfigured to the Father, up above.

    We know that Einstein’s formula was right,
    yet, comprehend his depth of theory,
    as we expire into spheres of light,
    and mass reverts back to pure energy.

    Each moon now formed contains the soul of one,
    redeemed in revolutions ’round the Son.


    Tamara Beryl Latham

  8. A mathematical why of the Big Bang

    Let Ui be a set of locations of particles of the universe.
    U1xU2x …… xUix ….. a set of infinite paths
    (Cartesian product of sets of urelements).
    this set is equal to the void set by the
    negation of the axiom of choice.

    So there is no more space containing the particles.
    The particles collapse on themselves: Big Crunch.
    Then Big Bang.

    The Big Bang has taken place thus the negation of the axiom
    of choice is likely to be considered as a good axiom.
    Adib Ben Jebara.

  9. I have my own formula, God is greater than mass times circumfrence squared. God has an entirely to many things going on in any given moment to be limited in any way by universal laws that he created to begin with. All we can do is pray and tremble the great secong comeing. A day that will me marked by world wide earthquakes everywhere the creator of univeral physical gravitational law steps. bringing forth everyone into his presense by first raising the dead for judgement. Holly freak out batman the Lord is going to awaken the dead. And of couse the final battle with satans liveing dead. I cant’t wait for the days to witness the cataclismic confrontation between Jesus frying mortal enemies of his reign with lightning from his eyes and the sword of his blessed tounge. Will scourge the villony from his holy presence.

  10. Mike, there is an update on the resurrection theory.

    The fact that Jesus’ body gave off so much (radiation) light
    at the resurrection, as I have previously theorized, was indeed the causal factor for His image being imprinted on the Shroud of Turin.

    Recently this Einsteinean concept, on the resurrection, was verified by Particle Physicist, Dame Isabel Piczek, in her Event Horizon experiment and was also included in the book, “The Shroud Codex” by Dr. Jerome R. Corsi. Dr. Corsi did not mention Isabel Piczek, but instead Dr. Bucholtz.

    This is a great book and highly recommended, concerning a Catholic priest, Father Bartholomew, and his experiences with regard to stigmata. Hope you get the chance to read it.



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