A New Year & A New Word

The New Word is epistaxis — or plain old nose bleed to you and me. About 5pm on New Year’s Eve my nose decided to spring a leak and an hour later showed no signs of stopping so I and my Jesuit superior, Ian, spent the evening sitting in a selection of Casualties/A&Es/Emergency Rooms. He managed to get home just in time to see in 2006 (watching last summer’s cricket highlights on TV!) and I spent it with some friendly doctors and nurses. After much stuffing, tranquillising, sleeping, waiting, and eventually cauterising I made it back home this afternoon. Instructions to rest, not tie my shoe laces, take cold showers and eat cold food — well I exaggerate a little.

This was my first stay in hospital in my 47 years which is pretty good going. It would be even better if it were my last. Contrary to popular (UK) myth hospital food is edible, even quite nice.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to You All!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better now with a happier new year than how it started ahead of you.

    Please read at Sacred Ordinary today–I post about Pat Robertson and Ariel Sharon. I am heartsick at Robertson’s remarks and am struggling with my feelings. Thanks.

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