Jesuit Jokes

Brandon over at Siris has a bunch of Jesuit jokes today.

My own favourite joke at our expense is this one:

A Franciscan, and Dominican, and a Jesuit were out playing golf one day. They were moving along the course quite well, until they got stuck behind a group of golfers who were taking quite a long time and weren’t letting anyone else play through. Feeling a little frustrated, the three went up to the head of the group and asked what was going on. He told the three priests that they were part of a special program that allowed the blind to play golf. Each blind person was paired off with a sighted player who would help him line up the shot and give him advice on what else to do.

The Franciscan was deeply edified by this display of generosity. He apologized for being so pushy, and announced that he was so impressed by this example of service that he would incorporate it into his own prayer and service to the poor. The Dominican, too, was touched by their example, and declared that he would use this display of service in his preaching, and help others to work with those in need around them.

The Jesuit, finally, was deeply moved by their ministry. He took the fellow aside and encouraged him to continue with his work. However, he had to add one qualification: “Don’t you think it would be a lot easier for everyone if they played at night?”

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  1. I like this one … both the Franciscan and the Dominican asked their superiors if they could smoke while they were praying, and their superiors said, “No, that would be a sin.” The Jesuit instead asked his superior if he could pray while he was smoking … his superior said, “Why yes, what a great idea!” 🙂

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