Deja Vu All Over Again

As attentive readers of this blog will know I sometimes succumb to that most terrible of preacherly temptations–to recycle a homily created for one community and time and place and use it in another setting. Sometimes it is laziness; sometimes pressing need; sometimes it seems as though I’ve said whatever it was as well as I’m able.

Apparently Edna, in the community here, has recognised that flaw too. She nabbed me after my homily yesterday and said how she’d been waiting to see what happened to the little girl because she “couldn’t quite remember the story from the last time”. The only problem is, of course, this was the first outing for that particular memory–in fact I only remembered I remembered it at all while mulling over the readings.

I reckon that little false accusation gives me a free pass on self-plagiarism which I might well use tomorrow. Stay tuned…