All Quiet on the Posting Front…

Loyola Hall is in the middle of its season of spirituality courses and I am working at full capacity or, given the ME/CFS, slightly beyond it. The courses though are something I love to be involved with–there is such a palpable sense of God at work during them.

A week ago was ‘Theology and Spiritual Accompaniment’–three days working with a group of 14 exploring some of the theological questions that surface from the group’s experience and practice of spiritual accompaniment.

Right now we are two days into our two-week, second-level ‘Spiritual Accompaniment Course’. Spiritual accompaniment or spiritual direction is the ministry where one person helps another grow in their relationship with God by listening and helping them explore the places in their experience where God is waiting to be encountered more deeply. It’s an intense course with prayer, input and group and individual practice. Add on supervision, preparation, mid-course corrections and the team of seven is busy from dawn to late evening. The group of 26 is really rewarding to work with and already we are seeing some great growth.

Next comes a short workshop on ‘Supervision in Spiritual Accompaniment’ and then the Loyola Hall Seminar, three days of papers and responses on aspects of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. After that is Holy Week!

All that is by way of an excuse for the likelihood that blogging will be on hold for a while…

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