Changing Address

Until now this blog has been living at but with a web redirect from my ‘real’ domain Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with my domain registrar’s email forwarding and have decided to make a move. This is where the trouble begins!

My blog will continue to be accessible from but will shortly cease to be available via Now, of course I’m realising that ‘everyone’ out there has linked to the f2s address and not So … HELP!

1) If you have any links to this blog could you please update them to the new address.

2) Of course all my ‘permalinks’ are turning out to be ‘tempalinks’ — I will make all the necessary internal adjustments (thank God for search and replace!) but does anyone have any idea how to get my ‘old’ site (which I will keep alive for a month or so) to do an automatic redirect to the new place so that I won’t completely fall off google’s map? I’m running WordPress 2.04.

3) Any success stories or sob stories about the process of moving blogs?

4) And now I’ve just realised there’s the issue of feeds … arrghhhh!

8 replies on “Changing Address”

  1. I don’t understand. automatically brings up rmarshsj.f2s etc. If you discontinue f2s will you disappear?

  2. The idea is to get to point at itself instead of pointing off anywhere else. That means I have to get the blog up and running at the new place but I’ll keep the old place going for a while but it will only be available by going to\rob\… etc.

    Make sense?

  3. I think I’ve found a way of dealing with issue (2) above. I’m cobbling together a plugin for wordpress to redirect all page requests to the new domain. I’ve cannibalised some code by Angsuman Chakraborty which looks like it might work … but we’ll have to wait until the domain is transferred to be sure.

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