Scripture References for Homilies

I’ve just installed the Scripturizer plugin by Dean Peters et al. I’ve long wanted to include links to the scripture texts that give the liturgical context for my homilies but been daunted by all the fiddling involved. Scripturizer lets me just insert the scripture references and takes care of the linkage. I’ve tried it out on the last few homiles already posted and it seem to work fine.

There are two slight hitches though. My ideal plugin would be able to go one (big) step further and guess from the post title (and a detailed knowledge of Roman Catholic liturgical calendars!) what the scripture of the day might be. Unfortunately that’s a step too far so I’ll not be editing all my past homilies to include scripture references. I still have the vestiges of a life!

The second hitch is one of translation. The older homilies preached in the US should link to the New American Bible, the newer UK ones to the Jerusalen Bible. Neither is available using this plugin. I could fiddle to get the NAB working since the US Bishops have an online version but the Jerusalem Bible remains safely locked out of cyberspace as far as I can tell. In the meantime I’ve set Scripturizer to use the New Revised Satndard Version. The NRSV is probably the most ‘accurate’ translation but it diverges widely in rhetorical tone from the both NAB and JB.

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  1. Crystal, Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that link. Unfortunately, as far as I can see, It only has the text available on a book by book basis which makes it hard to adapt for my purpose. I’ll have to give it more thought.

  2. Crystal. Thanks again! You are very good at finding stuff I’d never come across myself. … However, I looked into Universalis a while ago–even got as far as asking permission to link to them–but then discovered their links are only good for a few weeks and then cease to operate. It looked like a really good idea too–I could link on the basis of the liturgical calendar rather than the scripture itself. But alas!

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