Tuesday Week 29 Year II

Readings: Ephesians 2:12-22; Luke 12:35-38

Paul is falling over himself with metaphors today, mixing and matching like crazy, but all to one end: the urgent communication of a distance dwindled to nothing.

In Christ, foreign has become familiar. In Christ, two become one. In Christ, distance becomes closeness; hostility, harmony; war, peace.

We are now a single body, a single building, a single Temple.

We are no longer strangers, no longer lost and alone. We are saints and citizens and children of God’s own household.

The truth is we need all that rhetorical excess. We don’t find it easy to believe that the deed has been done, that we are one in God, part of the family, familiar, at home with God. Above all that God is at home with us… with you and with me. We keep inserting distances, awkwardnesses.

Luke tells a parable today about such awkwardness: we are waiting for God, he says, like servants waiting on their Master’s return but, when God comes, he does the waiting, he waits on us. I love the image: God puts on an apron, sits us down to dinner, hands us the menu, and waits on us hand and foot.

That’s our God.

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