Here’s hoping that the worst problems with my web hosting are fixed. I cured the memory errors easily once I knew what was going on — the poorer performance is out of my hands but my host is aware of the issue and promises an improvement.

I haven’t posted very much recently — more CFS problems — but there has been a lot of activity in the comments as I’ve been responding to issues around the various plugins I’ve written for WordPress.

Right now I’m enjoying the sight out of my window of our beautiful grounds transformed by a fall of snow. Snow is rare enough in these parts to make everyone giddy and bring traffic to a standstill. I’m talking maybe an inch! Still all the time I was in California I didn’t see so much as a frost unless I headed for the hills.

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  1. Lazy: Well… where I was in California snow was available a lot of the year just by driving up into the mountains. But I’m no longer in Cal — I’m back in the UK (as my About page does say) … and its raining.

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