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  1. Rob, I feel so much for you and that this CFS lifts from you. I believe that many people this winter, like me, are having exhaustion going on for weeks after viral infections, and it’s scary to wake up every day swimmy headed and not getting better in accordance with past expereince of these things. Pale shadow of what you describe. Do you find any meaning in it?

  2. Hey Rob – sorry to hear that the CFS has been taking so much of a toll recently. A friend of mine has been a long-time CFS sufferer as well, although he has been in better shape more recently – in the past, it really didn’t take much physical exertion to leave him feeling like he’d been run over by a bus. 🙁 All the best with managing your workload, and I do hope your health improves.

    On a more positive note, it was good to get to meet you last week, and put a face to the name! I had a very positive week on retreat at Loyola, and it was good to bump into some folk I hadn’t seen in a while (Ruth & Una) – even if it meant naughtily breaking the silence! I hope the Theology & Spiritual Accomp course went well. 🙂

  3. Paul: Thanks for the message. I’m glad the retreat was good. The Theology Course was good–a good group with good questions–though my brain was foggy. I’ve been recovering for a couple of days before our Spiritual Accompaniment Training Course begins today. It is work I love but I have to manage it very carefully or I pay the price.

    Good to see you, however briefly. Take care.

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