WordPress Plugin: Highlight Author Comments

Just posted a rather simple plugin to highlight the comments made by the author of a post among all the other comments.

I’ve seen lots of ways of doing the job but they all seem to involve hacking the code of your template or of WordPress files. The new plugin does the job automatically — all you have to do is provide a snippet of CSS to apply to the special comments.

4 replies on “WordPress Plugin: Highlight Author Comments”

  1. Erwan: That’s bad news! I notice your site uses some javascript to toggle the comments’ visibility. Is that done by a plugin? Or your template? I wonder if there is a conflict of some sort.

    One way to check would be to look inside

    function hac_highlight_comment($content){

    and change

    	return $content;


    	return $content . 'testing';

    That would show us if the plugin is working but not recognizing your comments as coming from the post author. If that turns out to be true we can investigate further.

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