Due an Update to WordPress Post Plugins

Version 2.3.7 of the post plugins should be out soon. I’ve been making a bunch of little changes to provide some asked for features. The delay has been in the next version of Similar Posts which has undergone some major revisions including stemming and global word weighting. It also lets you configure the balance of content, title and tags (new) to get the most relevant posts for your particular blog. That’s meant some major architectural changes which I am trying to test before releasing. Also, since tag-based relevance is now included I’ve scrapped the ability to add keywords to a custom field. I have actually never heard of anyone using the feature but I’m bracing myself for a host of users rising up in revolt!

Any feature requests for upcoming versions?

3 replies on “Due an Update to WordPress Post Plugins”

  1. I love and use several of your plugins on my site, so thanks! It would be great if you could start using the official WordPress plugin repository, so that I could be automatically notified when an update is out. Sure I can always subscribe to the RSS feeds here, but why not leverage the existing infrastructure?

    I had already written widgets for recent comments and similar posts, glad to see they won’t be needed now 🙂

  2. Diwaker: Once I’ve got the next release sorted out — I must stop thinking of ‘just one more thing’ — I will be uploading to the official repository.

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