Some Big(-gish) Changes to the Post Plugins

Since bug reports for the post plugins have dwindled to a slow drip I thought I ought to make some substantial changes in the latest version (2.5b25) and get the flow going again…

In previous versions the {image} tag did its resizing just by changing the <img> tag’s width and height attributes. Now, in addition, it serves properly resized thumbnails.

For a long time Recent Comments has allowed you to sort its output by post or by commenter and include group headings in the output list. This capacity has been generalised and extend to all the post plugins. The plugin output can now be sorted according to any output tag. For example, you might want to sort similar posts by date rather than score — to do so you sort by {date:raw}.

Recent Comments retains the ‘group_by’ option (which simply overrides any other sort options) but other sort schemes can be used.

Both the changes above probably need some cleaning up so please mess about with them and find any bugs.

Finally, I have replaced the ‘trim_before’ option with the ‘divider’ option. This will break some existing output templates I am sure but they should be even easier to fix.