I’ve just posted a plugin update with some requested features and an obscure bug-fix (or a fix for an obscure bug?).

  • a new option to include attachment posts in the listings
  • a new output tag, {authorurl}, to point to the archive of an author’s posts
  • a beefed up {php} tag which can now include other output tags in the code
  • a fix for a variety of Similar Posts ‘none found’ bug: in some non-English locales MySQL was being fed ‘0,5’ instead of ‘0.5’

10 replies on “Post-Plugins”

  1. I updated my wordpress this evening to 2.6.
    I never used your “post plugin library” before.
    Wanted to use “recent comments plugin”.
    After putting the “post pugin library” on my server (via ftp) – I was not able to get into my admin screen anymore.

    First needed to delete “post plugin library” – and then admin would work again.

    Totally BLANK screen – so – I don’t have a lot more info.

  2. same as Sjeltur.
    went through upgrade as directed on (deactivate, delete, upload)
    only, i’ve deleted the ‘post plugin library’ directory from the server and STILL can’t login (after signing in at wp-login.php page, i get the “The website cannot display the page” error)


  3. @pusbucket; my way to get it fixed and get the recents comments plug in to work; make the memory size bigger on the database.
    And my problem was solved – and this proggie is now working perfectly !!

  4. (sorry – forgot to mention how to do that;
    just make a little line into your .htaccess (this one is NOT visible in FTP – hope you know a way to make it visible);
    ” php_value memory_limit 16M ”

    This one did it for me.

  5. Hi, I just installed and got an error on WPMU (seems to be functioning fine though). I have a screenshot of the error message; email me if you would like to see it.

    I tried to send you an email, but your contact form seems to be broken.

    Thanks for a great plugin set.

  6. Rob, would you address an issue where users (like me) are unable to access the configuration options for the Recent Posts plugin?

    I know there are a few of us who’d like to use the plugin who are facing this issue.

    After installing the library and plugin, when I select the plugin config options from within WP, I receive an error message indicating: “Cannot load recent-posts.php.”


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