ME/CFS: Problems with the Brain’s Immune System?

microglial cells at work
Microglia scan a healthy mouse retina. Image by Wai Wong/National Eye Institute

Two interesting posts at Phoenix Rising explore new research suggesting that ‘messed up microglia could be driving symptoms’.

Your dog can’t tell you when she’s feeling sick, but even so, you know. She moves slowly, she doesn’t eat, she sleeps a lot, she curls up in a corner by herself. “Sickness behavior” is shared by all mammals, and in humans it’s been shown to include fatigue, cognitive problems, body aches and pains and disturbed sleep. These symptoms might sound very familiar to patients with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia, and several researchers recently have suggested that many core symptoms of these illnesses are the result of sickness behaviour biology gone wrong.

It follows recent findings that brain inflammation may be involved in ME.

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