Review for Religious


Review for Religious
from the journal cover

‘Review for Religious’, which ceased publication in January 2012, was (amongst other things) an important forum for articles and other materials exploring a renewal in the practice and understanding of the Spiritual Exercises and of spiritual direction. The good news is that the full archive of contents is available online for free. Despite the journal’s name the archive is worth browsing by anyone interested in Ignatian spirituality.

The bad news is that the archive is quite hard to use! Each issue (70 years’ worth) is available as a pdf but to tell what is in each issue you have to download and search an Excel spreadsheet. It works but it is cumbersome. For example, searching the Excel article index locates the seminal article by George Aschenbrenner, SJ on the Consciousness Examen (that’s Volume 31, issue 1, 1972, page 14 if you are interested).

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