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Unfortunately, due to ill-health, this plugin has not been developed or supported properly for some years. It works with the latest versions of WordPress (including on this website) but could possibly conflict with any WordPress features added after 2008 — e.g. custom post types — if you use them.


This plugin provides a library of essential routines for the Post Plugins: Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, Popular Posts, and Recent Comments. It does nothing on its own but is required if you use the other plugins.

This is version download latest version. It is compatible with WordPress 1.5–2.6.2.

  • supports Recent Comments one-comment-per-post functionality and fixes the admin area donation link.
  • supplies a .pot file making internationalisation possible; introduces the {imagealt} output tag and allows {excerpt} to output whole sentences; the content filter and the widget can now take a parameter string; output can be automatically placed after post content without editing theme files.
  • allows the current post to be marked manually where the automatic mechanism fails; when used as a widget the plugin now honours the setting to show nothing when there is no output; and {commenterlink} now applies the appropriate WordPress filter.
  • fixes the option to include attachments and adds a parameter to the {imagesrc} output tag to append a suffix to the image name.
  • has a new option to include posts which are attachments; a new output template tag {authorurl} which points to the archive of the author’s posts; new behaviour for the {php} output tag which can now accept other output tags in the code.
  • adds two new options to Similar Posts and fixes a number of bugs.
  • adds options to Recent Posts to match the current post’s author and to select posts by date of last modification rather than date of creation. Also extends the options for snippet and excerpt output tags to make the ‘more’ text into a link.
  • version adds an option to show posts by status, i.e., published/private/draft/future, changes the {categorynames} and {categorylinks} output tags by applying the ‘single_cat_name’ filter, and fixes a bug in WordPress pre-2.2 that stopped installation code running on Windows servers.
  • version fixes a bug with the new option for Recent Comments.
  • version handles a new option for Recent Comments to only show comments for the current post as well as updating the output tags {snippet} and {commentsnippet} to include ‘…’ where appropriate and extending {commentexcerpt} to use the same parameters as (excerpt}.
  • version {commentpopupurl} targets the correct comment.
  • version fixes a problem with showing posts and pages correctly.
  • version adds more resizing options to {image} tag and introduces {commentpopupurl} tag which lets you open the comments popup for a post if the theme is so equipped.
  • version fixes compatibility issues with WordPress MU.

Installation Instructions

  1. If upgrading from a previous version, first deactivate the plugin via the Plugins page and delete the plugin folder from your server.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

52 replies on “Post-Plugin Library”

  1. If you had the misfortune to download version you may run into problems when you try to update to a newer version. I managed to introduce a circular dependence between this plugin and the Post Plugins which means trying to update either from the admin plugins page will cause an error. Instead you need to delete the version from the server and upload the newer one and the problem should be solved. I apologise for any worry or inconvenience.

  2. Hello Rob first i would like to thank you for your great plugins which made wordpress more easy and fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Today after i updated (post-plugin-library) from to i got this error ?

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/13/d239009630/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/post-plugin-library/common_functions.php on line 248

    None Found

    if you have any idea how i can fix it? also i noticed something strange after i updated post-plugin-library , that the recent post widget works only on other pages ? it doesn’t work or even show up in home page ? you can check that on my blog .Thanks again

  3. Mohamad: Did you use the automatic updater or did you do it ‘by hand’? I’m trying to find out if the plugin was reactivated or not.

    The problem is due to the new post status option not being set properly. I think it should be solved by going to the plugin’s general settings screen and making sure that published posts are set to be shown.

    As to why the status default doesn’t get set properly… that I’d like to find out!


  4. I had the same problem and it all started with updating all plugins automatically. It was fixed by going to random posts settings and setting “yes” to Display posts that are published. You can leave all the others to “no” depending on what you want to display.

  5. Hey Rob thank you for your replay, yes indeed i used the automatic updater, but i fixed that problem by manual install (FTP plugin to root)?. Everything works great now thank you again.

  6. Moser: The default values should be set correctly if the plugin was re-activated on update but some people have experienced a problem. I usually make life easier by phrasing settings so that the default value corresponds also to an unset value but I didn’t give it enough thought this time.

  7. Hi!

    I have a problem: I updated the library (to from the plugin panel. The plugin didn’t reactivate properly and now I can’t access the admin interface at all: I only get empty pages.

    I removed the update and installed it again – no help. I removed it and installed instead – no help. Any ideas?

  8. Whew, fixed! The problem was caused by Similar Posts requiring the ppl_plugin_basename function. I uncommented that line and everything worked. I then upgraded Similar Posts, and now everything’s fine.

  9. Hey Rob,

    I’m getting that weird error again after updating to the latest version:

    /mnt/local/home/username/ on line 624

    I apparently deleted your email that explained the one-line code solution so I thought I’d ask for it again here in case I lose more emails or anyone else has the same issue.

  10. Hey Rob,

    We looking for a nice recent posts plug-in and came across yours seems like it would do the trick for me, but I can’t seem to get my WordPress installation to see your plug-in or the plug-in library. I’ve copied them over to the plug-in dir where all of the others are, and nothing. Has this happened before, or am i just not reading the correct information on installation.

    WordPress ver. 2.6.2
    Apache 2.2
    PHP 5
    Using a local box at the moment: Windows XP
    Not upgrading so Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm working with:
    Library version:

  11. I download post-plugin-library and I active it. But I can’t see this in the option page and I can’t see the list in my page but I write on this page : or
    Why? Help me please.

  12. Hello. Sorry, could you tell me, how to make simular posts widget to be displayed only on post page – not in search or categories…
    I am sure there is an option but I just couldn’t find and I don’t wanna hardcode…

  13. Oh, sorry, found it.
    Stupid me.
    I use tablet instead of mouse and I couldn’t properly click the “change” link on widget.
    Sorry, your plugin is great. Get 5 rate ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Any Thing?:

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home2/industu9/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/post-plugin-library/common_functions.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home2/industu9/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-post-plugin-library/post-plugin-library.php on line 40

  15. I just updated to 2.7 but the Post Plugin Library does not appear to work, so the “similar posts” functionality is also not functioning. Are there plans to update this plugin for wp 2.7?

  16. hi,
    Plugins are excellent.Thanks for the plugin.I’m using it along with Post-Plugin Library. . However i’m struck with a custom tag thumbnail. I’ve added code in the output template but thumbnails shows up very large in the sidebar . how do i resize ? pls advice. thanks.
    <li><a href="{url}"><img src="{custom:thumbnail}"/>{link}</li>

  17. I’ve used this on my other blogs but I just started a new one and it doesn’t seem to work – it seems I’m using the latest version of WP 2.7 and your plugin isn’t compatible. Any plans to update it? Thanks in advance…

  18. Hi
    Any news on plans to update the plugins beyond WP2.6.2?
    Would be too bad skipping the Recent & Random posts plugins since they perform very well. But after discovering a security hole in WP262 (have no idea how they got in) I’m getting eager to upgrade – at least to 265.
    Could you please inform us?

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