Maps: Generic Associative Containers

The Maps Library offers nine genuine generic container classes. Just as TStringList lets you keep lists of objects indexed by a string value, Maps let you keep lists of just about any type, object or atomic, indexed by whatever type you like.
The nine different kinds of map have different performance characteristics allowing you to choose the perfect container for your application, whether you need fast insertion, super-fast searching, random-access, or whatever.
The library is quite compact and surprisingly efficient given its generic nature. A simple demo is also available. Caveat! It is some years since these components were developed and they probably won’t function beyond D5 without a lot of tweaking. They are–regrettably–also unsupported. Nevertheless I hope you find them useful in some way.

One reply on “Maps: Generic Associative Containers”

  1. Robert,

    First thank you for the Maps lib.

    I have donwloaded both the Maps v1.11 and the anagram demo but the MapTestU.dfm file turned out to be a binary DFM.

    I have tried to open it with everything I have (D3, D4, D6, D7) but it just gives me ‘Error creating form: Invalid stream’ error.

    There’s either something wrong with that particular file or I havent located the correct Delphi version to open it.

    Could you update the zip package with plain-text format of MapTestU.dfm please –this would make it possible to open and use it with practically all versions of Delphi.

    And, could you also send me a copy of the file or a notification that you have updated the file. [My email should be visible in WP’s admin panel for comments]

    Thank you again,


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