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Borland’s Delphi¬© makes the construction of Windows applications easier than ever. In particular, the Borland Database Engine (BDE) offers enormous power with great ease. Sometimes, however, the full might of the BDE is overkill. Wouldn’t it be better for your simple projects to use a simple tool, one that could be distributed inside your EXE and didn’t require enormous DLLs to function?
The QDB components for Delphi offer fast, indexed access to a flat-file database of variable-sized items. QDB is quick, easy to use, and comes with full installable help. It’s also free! Caveat! It is some years since these components were developed and they probably won’t function beyond D5 without a lot of tweaking. They are–regrettably–also unsupported. Nevertheless I hope you find them useful in some way.
Also available are the usual demonstration applications written to show the power and ease of QDB. There is a simple address book, a rewrite of Borland’s Animals demo, and a rudimentary knowledge-base system. They each come with full source code.

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  1. It appears that some components mentioned in the “QDB help as html (v2.10)” aren’t present in the QDB source code. Namely, I can’t find any file with a type TQDBView or TQDBItem. The read_me.txt files says these are available in “qdbv.zip”, but I don’t see that file either.

    Is this archive still available? I really like QDB, it looks like it’s exactly what I need for a pretty large project. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Isaac,

    When I moved my programming stuff over from my old site I decided not to bother transferring the View and Item components. Partly the decision was a matter of the workload of the move and partly a sense that the original QDB did the job more straightforwardly–the direction QDBView and QDBItem were moving in was toward QDB being a fully fledged database suite and that seemed in hindsight a role far better handled by many other component suites. I think QDB itself does a simple job cleanly and well and very compactly.
    All that said … I’d be happy to post the remaining files for you to take a look.


  3. Thank you for your QDB component, which I am using in version 2.1 under D5. I had to download it elsewhere as the links on this page did not work for me. I would also be interested in TQDBView and TQDBItem. Would it be possible to get a copy of the relevant files?

  4. Daniel: Sorry, no chance at all. I don’t have the later versions of Delphi and haven’t been inviolved in Delphi programming for quite a while. But you have the source code…

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