Snoop: Memory Leak Sniffer

Writing programs that work at all is difficult enough without having to track down memory leaks and strange problems with overwritten memory. Snoop and Snoop Monitor make it easy to snoop out those bugs — and they’re free. Caveat! It is some years since these components were developed and they won’t function beyond D5. They are–regrettably–also unsupported. Nevertheless I hope you find them useful in some way.

Snoop v2.0 has been completely rewritten and has a bunch of new features. It works correctly with DLL files and with multi-threaded programs and now comes with a Delphi expert to display its memory-leak reports and jump to the offending line in your source code.

5 replies on “Snoop: Memory Leak Sniffer”

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible that one day you make the sources available? The supported delphi versions are a bit outdated bu the Snoop is still an interesting tool.

  2. Rob,

    You are a hero. I’m glad that snoop is here to help me out.
    I always pay attention, with every create I program, when to free it again. Still I’ll shoot myself in the foot.
    You probalby have a drawer full of thank you’s, but here’s another:


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