WordPress 2.5 and Automatic Plugin Updates

Update: Check out this post for some extra instructions.

Well I’m wrestling with the new ability of WordPress 2.5 to notify when a fresh version of a plugin is available on the official directory. Up until now I haven’t used the directory but today I tried to get my post plugins up and running over there so that the automated update functionality could be used.

It is working … just. Please bear with me if you have problems.

  • I have had to make the Post-Plugin Library into a plugin in its own right.
  • The folders the plugins go into has changed in some cases: similar-posts remains the same but recent-posts has become recent-posts-plugin and so on. This is because I had to find a unique name for each plugin at the directory.
  • After the first automatic update you might need to re-activate the plugin.
  • … and who knows what else …

And, by the way, Happy Easter!

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