Still Fighting the Official Plugins Directory…

I haven’t got a response from the official WordPress plugin directory to work out why the proper instructions are not displaying and meanwhile I am getting a lot of folks wondering what on earth is going on and why the post plugins are no longer working.

Here are some emergency directions for the interim…

First follow these links to download the latest versions of Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, or Recent Comments. You will also need a new copy of the Post Plugin Library which is now configured as a plugin.

Load stuff up to the plugins directory (you will notice that some of the folder names have been changed to accommodate the requirements of the WordPress folks) and activate as normal. The library should be automatically activated when any of the other plugins is activated.

Hopefully after all this hullabaloo future updating will happen smoothly and automatically (wishful thinking!).

Please get in touch if you are still having problems. The report-a-bug option under the settings menu is a helpful way of doing so … or just leave a comment.