Spring Cleaning

My, this place has accumulated some dust and detritus while I’ve been on hiatus!

I’ve recently moved my real world location which involved a lot of dusting and discovering (and terror and tantrums) and I am slowly settling into my new digs. All this prompted me to do some virtual spring cleaning here too — cleaning out the clutter of spam comments, removing some nasty links that got injected in 2013 due to a plugin vulnerability, and thinking about how to use this site now.


Campion Hall - my view
the view from my room at Campion Hall

During the years off my health has continued to decline slowly as ME wore me down bit by bit. It still is in some ways but in others I have a little more energy. I stopped blogging here in 2008 because I couldn’t keep up with the support requests arising from my WordPress plugins and it felt embarrassing to post other stuff and ignore that. At some points I couldn’t do much of anything at all. The plugins still get a lot of traffic but they haven’t been and won’t be updated so I will be making that clear on the relevant pages. They still function in most cases — including here on this site.

What else? Well I’ve not been preaching or presiding at Mass in the intervening years so the fruit of that, the bulk of the old content here, won’t be getting new material but I have thought about bringing some of the archived homilies back into the limelight. I have also written some bits and pieces for The Way and Thinking Faith which I might comment on and link to here. I’ve also been reading and thinking about health and sickness and God too and i still want to explore that area a little. Will it happen here? Perhaps.

I’ve also (just about) maintained the website at the now defunct Loyola Hall Spirituality Centre (my home for the last 14 years!) and I might give an afterlife to some of the more useful material that was housed there. All possibilities.

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