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  1. Just found your blog as I was looking for some help with a plugin. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather for what looks like quite a while. Best wishes for recovery soon!


    PS I have 2 Jesuit uncles and a lot of other connections to Jesuit schools and colleges; it tickled me to see that a Jesuit turned up when I landed on this page.

  2. Dear Rob; Paul Kaihla here, in San Francisco.

    I sensed your energetic absence, and will use this portal to share the prayers that we have continually cathected in your health and happiness.

    On this first Sunday of Lent (California time), may you be free of all suffering, and filled with the joy of the fiber that God has given you to occupy.

    I also pray that this energetic transaction is received in a deep restorative sleep, joined by the voices of Angels and Archangels.

    Peace be with you, Paul Kaihla

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