8 replies on “The Continuing Adventures of ASBO Jesus”

  1. I like the simplicity of the art and the humor is not bad. That said, the whole idea that Jesus would be walking among us and people wouldn’t recognize him is Hollywood propaganda.

    If he did come back, or was still walking the earth, he would certainly proved to be God and, as such, he would have the power to fix all of our problems.

  2. This is very funny because I was just talking to a friend about a WWJD sign that we saw and my friend replied by saying that maybe he is Jesus. (obviously kidding) I hope. It really makes you think though if you would recognize him or what you would say.

  3. Jesus didn’t exist – projecting the lack of control for your lives onto sky fairies isn’t going to stop you being fertilizer. Come on we’re not still living in the Middle Ages still are we??

  4. (Jesus didn’t exist? Sorry, you’re exagerating your point there a smidge, Paulo…)

    Love the cartoon!

    I think it says a lot about our expectations of Jesus. Nice one 🙂

  5. All our expectations of Jesus are slowly being turned into a cartoon!

    Every “Words” of Jesus are true but can not fully be understood by any man or woman in this life time and dare I say even by “sinner vic” 🙂


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